Commercial Alchemist

To many, I reveal the art of seeing yourself yourself in a new way and understand the laws of your reflective reality. 

To my professional clients, I transform consciousness through the craft of business. 

I leverage and teach the ancient art and science of esoteric alchemy through the energetic reality. Yet all is explained in everyday language, delivered in practicality and simplicity to be easily understood.

When you integrate the principles, the experience you call your life shifts substantially. You bring forth state changes intentionally and swiftly, through a cycle. 

Yet this path is not for the uncommitted. 

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Education + Resources
Book: "Seek No Thing"

Come into the awareness that there’s nothing to seek outside of yourself when you align to your inner being. My book provides practical instruction, ancient techniques, and hidden knowledge on how to understand the unseen patterns of life, release and transmute consciously, and achieve greater states of being through the great alchemical marriage of intuitive logic.

Book: "The Eternal Present"
Your home is forever in the ‘here and now.’ Yet the stimuli and countless uncalibrated distractions in our modern environment have taken us out of our natural states of being. I cover why this is important for your evolution, as well as what you can do to become more aware and move through it. There are many paths on the way ‘home,’ and this book reveals many options and tools so you can align to what is best for you.
Book: "ILLUMINATION: The Alchemy of Photography"
Take a unique journey in understanding consciousness through one of the our favorite crafts. There’s a very interesting direct correlation correlation between photography and the alchemical process of expanding your conscious awareness. I thoroughly break down and explain many aspects of photographic process and equipment, and how each relates to the mind, the body and the spirit. You’ll see this art (and your life) in a whole new way.
Courses: Commercial Alchemy Academy
When a business is aligned to nature and the principles and laws of fundamental reality, great amplification through natural expansion occurs. In this course series, we teach the secrets of ancient esoteric Alchemy applied to modern business. This may strange or sound difficult to connect if it’s new to you, but the information is broken down beautifully into practical steps and delivered everyday language that is both easy to understand and implement for real results.
Podcast: Illuminations
Our video podcast series is in production and will be launched soon. We’ve lined up some of the most conscious beings on the planet to illuminate many interesting perspectives that will blow your mind.
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The brand marketing agency that focused on positioning you effectively as we bring your idea to life.

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The commercial photography & video production studio that presents you powerfully.

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The place to purchase fine art to support our co-creative worldwide missions. 

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Learn what we’re doing to change the world, by empowering all to achieve personal alignment. 

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