Allen Luke

The Illuminator

Creative Commerce

I am a Master
Of creating
Clarity from complexity
And uncovering
New angles of opportunity
Within you
And within your life
.  .  .
Come to know firstly
What it is
That you truly are
Through my lens
Come to see
Who you truly can be
.  .  .
Through an art
Of radical reduction
And transformationalist techniques
I create a template
For you to grow
The creation of your self
Through your business
.  .  .
I will bring to you
Greater awareness
And reveal
New pathways
Of unseen opportunity
.  .  .
In the simplest of terms
I help you profit
Through the service of others
From being and presenting
The most authentic
Expression of you
.  .  .
This is who I am
Positioning and promoting
Who you are
.  .  .
Illuminating the way
Building the vehicle
Creating a space
For you to be
That you are
In all its glory


I am Not A Marketer

I am a Commercial Alchemist

I use the principles of
exchange and delivery of
product and information to
transform the consciousness of
the giver and the given.

This is an ancient art
known to few who know the way
artfully delivered
through natural reflection.

I am here to create the
connections for you to grow
and transform through the
alchemy that is your business
and creative life.

You come to me to get a
template that is reflective of
the totality, first distilled and
encoded in the ecosystem of
the brand identity.

. . .

Your identity is not what you think it is.

. . .

Your identity is the
energetic pattern that stands
as the architectural design to
grow all that you do to full

I’ll walk you through your lens,
to a new perspective.
Illuminating unknown angles
to your position of power.

. . .

It starts with the authentic
When connected with


This is the process


The Seeding

The seeding is the art of presenting what you are
Through who you are


The Flowering

Getting you known through connection
Via the power of your presence alone 


The Fruiting

Illuminating the pathways  between the flower and the bees
And building the bridges of natural expansion


The Result

My work is from seed to fruit
Your work is to collect the harvest


This is how
we can create

My Companies

Early-stage ideation & brand marketing strategy is one of my areas of expertise. This creative brand marketing agency leads clients of all sizes through the alchemy of mindful manifestation. We illuminate new pathways of opportunity. 

I also step into the roles of Producer and Director of media arts. As I’ve worked with businesses over the years, I found it was more cohesive to produce the photography and cinematography in-house. I’ve been flown all around the globe to produce works in a variety of media. I am known for an innate ability to make the complex clear through masterful vision and direction. 

Inveniamis the firm I founded to provide go-to-market strategy and related business development consulting services to investment firms and fast-growth start-ups.

Aut Inveniam Viam Aut Faciam
I will either find a way or make one


While most of my work is through the business clients I serve, I occasionally assist high-potential entrepreneurs and executives with both personal and professional philosophic mentoring and alignment. 

If you’re inclined to go deeper, you’ll KNOW it on another level.
This is not for everybody.


Consultations begin at $500 per hour and may include any aspect of discovery, personal and/or business calibration you require. 

Stay Tuned

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Allen Luke