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Personal Alchemy Consulting Services

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It is time to Manifest the Greater Version of Yourself

I am an Illuminator

And a WayShower

As a Commercial Alchemist, I have become adept in a long-lost art and science of radical reductionist principles to bring greater awareness to the laws of fundamental reality.  If that’s not a familiar concept to you, visit my Home Page for more expansion on what that means.

Mentored clients are guided through a process of understanding a set of philosophical foundations that first correct the mind to eventually align your inner wisdom to your reflected life experience. 

When applied and embodied, the process transforms your consciousness in ways you are not able to perceive from your current state of awareness. 

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I'll show you

How to align

with your

inner power

Personally + Professionally

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The purity of the fire that illuminates burns away false perceptions that allow a release of old ways to create a more consciously expansive life experience. 

This starts in your mind and reverberates through your business and career.

My sweet spot is high-performing entrepreneurs and executives.
Those who have it all going well, with that little niggling something being “off.”
I have been there. I walked through the fire and it landed me here.
I get you. We’ll temper and tame it, to then transform it.

I also assist clients who come seeking re-contextualization or a handrail in navigating new perceptual territory. If the occurrences in your life have you facing uncertainty, it’s time to align to the wisdom within. 

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It Is Now Time

To Allow Your

Authentic Expression

To Come Through You

Hear the wisper of the inner call

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The solutions to your problems and answers to your aspirations are always simple. 

Cease seeking them in the complexity. 

When you shift your lens, everything changes. 

But the new you requires a deep level of commitment.

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Personal Illumination

One Year Commitment

Experience one year of transformational philosophic alignment designed exclusively for your needs. 

After aligning you to the cycle and establish certain foundations, what is currently happening in your life will be illuminated to facilitate expansion through application.

Conscious change only comes from consistent application, through repetition. We establish a cadence of weekly interactions calibrated to your consciousness and interest in expansion. 

We will connect via web conferencing or phone at an established time. Meeting in-person may be available for local clients.  

And for when something arises, I offer additional availability for up to 30 minutes of additional communications per month.


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Mini Mentorship

As mentioned, change comes through conscious repetition so the yearly commitment is the best path forward.

At my discretion, I occasionally offer two-month mini mentorships to those on limited budgets or requiring specific needs in calibration or limited areas of expansion. 

We focus less on foundations and more on your immediate need. 
Connection is limited to the arranged meeting times.


Contact me prior to making payments to determine need and availability. 
All commitments must be paid in full prior to commencement.
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Individual meetings

Consultations begin at $500 per hour and may include any aspect of discovery, personal and/or business calibration you require. They’re a great way to test our chemistry if you are considering Mentorship.

Allen Luke