The 6 E’s of Marketing

The more you Enable, Encourage, Empower and Entertain your AUDIENCE, the more you will Evolve and Elevate your business. © Allen Luke

Inspirational Quote on Creation – A+B+C = Always Be Creating

Don’t be a small person, don’t be a critic. Create things every day, even if those things are mistakes. Bloom. Don’t let the haters quiet you. ~ Michele Kamenar – Copywriter in Minneapolis   A+B+C = Always Be Creating. I came up with that. Thanks for your continued inspiration, Michele!        

Steve Jobs Quote

How does Steve Jobs screw in a light bulb? He doesn’t. He holds it up and lets the world revolve around it. You were a tireless innovator. Thank you for blazing the trails and paving the paths for so many of us. Rest in peace.