Have you ever bookmarked a site and noticed the little icon / logo near the words in your browser?

This small icon is called a “favicon.” There are many ways to create a favicon manually, but is often easiest to use a favicon generator like this one: Visit: www.favicon.cc

Here are a Few Tips for Designing a Creative Favicon:

I tried using this and  generator, and noticed that my favicon was pixellated. So here’s what I did to achieve a better result:

  1. Create a Photoshop or Pllustrator file that is 250 pixels square.
  2. Crop your favicon creatively, showing the most important part of your logo, letter or mark.
  3. Simplicity is best. Use an identifiable icon that relates to your site or brand.
  4. Once you have it positioned, export the image at full size.
  5. Then, use Photoshop to crop the new image at 16 pixels square.
  6. Upload this new image in the generator and tweak using the editor.

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