The best way to get more followers on Instagram is to post creative images.

There’s no doubt that Instagram is a powerful tool for expressing your creativity while building a following.


How can you make your photos more interesting and creative?

I sometimes use a few iPhone apps to spice up my images before importing them into Instagram.

PS Express – The makers of Photoshop created this tool to allow you to easily crop, edit and add effects to your photos. This is the first place I go to crop and enhance the photo with brightness and contrast.

TiltShiftFocus – I’m not a fan of the sharp fall-off on the blur functionality native to Instagram, so I use this app for greater control.

Infinicam – This app may be tricky to understand at first, but has some really cool effects that are easy to use and preview.

Pano – This cool app allows you to make stunning panoramic images easily and onsite. It is extremely helpful in that it has a semi-transparent overlay of the previous shot to help you align the image properly for a better result.

EasyTITLER – This is the best way to add text to your images. Spend a little time investing in how to use it, and you’ll enjoy the ability to add words in a variety of typefaces to your Instagram photos.

BeFunky – This cool app has many special effects, textures and borders. It’s extremely easy to use. I would recommend it as the first app to buy out of all of the aforementioned items.


General advice on taking better photos for Instagram:

Compose your image for the square. Many times I shoot an image with the native iPhone camera with a composition to my liking. If I think I will eventually post the photo on Instagram, I’ll take a second shot – often times a little further out – to allow for a better crop within Instagram’s squared orientation.

Composition is everything. Consider tilting your camera a bit while taking the photo. Instagram currently does not allow you to tilt the image when setting the crop. To achieve greater visual interest, compose your image well, so that the subject is prominent.

Consider prominence and depth-of-field. It’s not easy to get a great depth-of-field with the iPhone’s built-in optics. Distance is everything. Play with the distance between you and your primary subject. Then, try changing the distance between that subject and the background behind it. I’ll often hold an object in my hand and vary the distance between the camera and the subject.

Play with glass. If your chosen object is flat, try attaching it to a clean pane of glass and putting it in unique environments. Watch for reflections on the glass – they can add to or take away from your overall image.


Have fun, be creative and shoot often!


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