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Recognizing the common thinking strategies of creative geniuses and applying them will make you more creative in your work and personal life. Creative geniuses are geniuses because they know “how” to think, instead of “what” to think. Learn More Here: Tweet

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Have you ever stumbled across a cool letter or typeface, and wanted to locate the font for your designs? “What the Font” is a cool tool by MyFonts used to help you find a font that you find in everyday life. Many of our branding projects utilize unique typefaces, and this is often where we […]

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Gray Background for Web Design from

Need subtle background textures for your website? One of the best places I’ve found is here: Tweet

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Seo video screen capture

I found this awesome video on Search Engine Optimization. It’s only 3 minutes, so check it out! Watch This SEO Video Tweet

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One of my favorite places (online) for a wide variety of inspiration is a site called Piccsy. It showcases over 50 user-submitted images every day. Seriously folks, visit and bookmark this page: Tweet

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Have you ever bookmarked a site and noticed the little icon / logo near the words in your browser? This small icon is called a “favicon.” There are many ways to create a favicon manually, but is often easiest to use a favicon generator like this one: Visit: Here are a Few Tips for […]

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Oatmeal Design

As an owner of a web development agency, we pay a lot of attention to the process. Stay tuned and you’ll hear some stories about some rather interesting client interaction. But for now, check out the “How a Web Design Goes Straight To Hell” article on  Enjoy! Tweet

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