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Personal Statement

Professionally, I can be best described as a “serial entrepreneur,” incredibly intuitive and concept-focused. Personally, you may find me passionate, driven and intense. I live to create and love to learn. You’ll find some of my insights, as well as information on my companies and affiliations by following the links on the left. This site is a place to discuss and share those events, lessons, findings and experiences I have had in my fun little entrepreneurial odyssey.

I have created and launched (or significantly aided in the launch of) over a hundred brands, and have traveled the world to meet client demands in a variety of markets and industries. I have a been blessed with a diverse variety of unique experiences, providing a breadth of knowledge and connections that can speed up the process of commercializing a product.

While I’m not an “expert” in all areas of commercialization, I can be of assistance with anything from creating an authentic and meaningful brand name to helping you determine your market, approach and comprehensive launch strategy. I have a relatively “balanced brain,” – which constantly switches from the ‘creative’ to the ‘technical’ sides of the brain – allowing me to produce wildly insightful concepts as well as the thoughtfulness and awareness on how to follow through and deliver real business results.

My personal failures have been astounding, and my success stories are still in the works. I may be available to assist fast-moving companies that need their branding and marketing communications squared away.

All of my claims are backed by proven delivery. I invite you to request a client’s contact information from any item you see on this or my affiliated sites. I “work quietly,” and do not market myself. All of my projects come from client or associate referrals, but I have created this site to open myself up to opportunities which may not have found me through my current network.

Inspired? I hope you enjoy the content on this site. Please comment, ‘like,’ tweet or otherwise share it with your friends and contacts.
 If you need assistance with branding, marketing communications or product launches, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If we determine that it’s a good fit, I’d love to help!


Professional Biography

My Biography is currently available upon request. Please contact me for additional information.



If you’d like an updated resume and case studies, please feel free to contact me. Please provide a little background information on your goal or opportunity so I may address your needs appropriately.


Companies, Affiliations, Activities and Involvements

So what do I do, specifically? You can learn more on my Companies & Brands page.


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